About company:

LAKI is a family business based in Southwest Poland operating on a wood market since 1986. We specialise in production of children and garden furniture, amongst wooden carts suitable for transporting and storing toys or garden tools.

LAKI is a manufacturing company led by experienced and reliable specialists that aim at achieving quality by sustainable and eco-friendly production. These values are reflected in our products that are made of:

- Carefully selected wood coming from sustainably managed and protected forests (100% FSC-certified).
- Ecological certified lacquers and adhesives, safe for children.

We do believe that European genuine, eco and solid products have been in demand since we are talking about more aware and ethical consumerism.

Our products are solid, safe, ecological, easy to assemble, eco-friendly and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

All wooden products manufactured by LAKI company comply with European standards:

- CE marking – we ensure that our products conform with essential requirements of the European Commission directives.
- FSC marking – we provide products from socially and environmentally responsible forestry.

Our company is open and ready to undertake new productions. We ensure safe and high-quality products that can be distributed around Europe.

We cooperate with European distribution companies that value our work and professionalism.

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